Autumn and Winter 2017

As we head into the cooler weather of Autumn, the lucrative market for hot drinks opens up once more as the popular Haloween events start, quickly followed by the Guy Fawkes Firework Events and then Christmas Markets. This year extend your hot drink offering wider then just coffee - we stock incredible Hot Chocolate Sauce from French Manufacturer Routin which is ideal for making a luxury hot chocolate and also mocha drinks. Top your hot chocolate with some Dropissimo real chocolate drops - they are also ideal for making hot chocolate drinks or adding to give an extra creamy texuture.


Hot Spiced Apple drinks are a popular caffeine free alternative all year round, but especially when the cooler weather is with us. Simple to make, just pump out a dose of the syrup and add hot water.

Drink me Spiced Chai Latte is another warming drink, a powder mix you add to hot milk to give a warming drink - you can even mix it up by adding an espresso shot or even hot chocolate.

We also stock a range of seasonal Flavoured syrups, including the popular Pumpkin Spice Flavoured Syrups idea for those Haloween theme latte and cappuccino drinks. Also a great addition to any menu during the colder winter months is the wonderful Winter Spice Syrup which is very versatile and can be used to spice up a range of drinks from Latte to Hot Chocolate. And Christmas wouldn't be the same without and Egg Nogg flavoured Cappuccino.