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Biepi Italian Espresso Machines now available

Biepi Espresso Machines

Italian espresso coffee machines

Coffee is our passion.
That’s why we’ve become experts in espresso and hot drinks machines, designed and constructed to satisfy people all around the world who love coffee as much - or even more - than we do.


We can supply you with the stylish range of Biepi Italian espresso machines at really incredible prices, they are available with matching on demand grinders and include a wide range of high end features including LED Downlighting, Easy foam steam wands, Raised Groups for take out coffee with ease and ergonomic group handles. Get in touch with us for a price quote.


 Barista PRO Espresso Machine


MC-1 Barista PRO, energy-saving and high performance

Our newest machine is specifically designed to reach the perfect temperature for each independent brewing group.

Professional espresso machine with independent brew groups.

New technology specifically designed to reach the perfect temperature for each independent brewing group, which allows extract any blend Energy saving and high performance: forget high costs on the way to reaching the perfect temperature. Get the most out of your espresso machine with low energy consumption.
Electronic boiler temperature setting: the ideal pressure is kept constant at all times.

Biepi Touch Screen

The MC-1 Barista Pro is capable of producing takeaway coffee due to it being a high group machine. Get in touch with us for a price quote.

Biepi MC1 Espresso Machine

MC-1 is the professional espresso coffee machine designed to celebrate the Italian coffee tradition.

Stylish and trendy looking, in polished stainless steel with sleek sides in baydur, it has a microprocessor for precise programming of coffee and hot water doses and is available in several versions to suit different service requirements.

MC1 Espresso Machine Back

The MC1 is available in Red, White or grey colours. It features LED Downlighting of the cup tray, and illuminated keypads making it a stylish looking espresso machine in any environment.

MC1 keypad

See the full video on YouTube

Available in 1 group, 2 group, 2 group compact and 3 group sizes - Get in touch with us for a price quote.

Biepi Italian Espresso Machines include professional delivery and install by the manufacturers UK agent, with a full back up service. We can give you prices for a machine on it's own, or a full starter package with machine, grinder, knock out draw, jugs, tampers and mats and of course delicious coffee.

The Biepi MD2-640D can be purchased on it's own, and can be supplied in White, Black or Red. We can also give you a bundle price with any Biepi espresso machine. 

Get in touch with us for a price quote.

Full member of the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe, company director Kenneth Cooper is an accredited UK Barist Championship judge Registered Fairtrade Coffee Beans Distributor Supplier of Rain Forest Alliance Certified Products Member of the Federation of Small Business

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