Sweetbird Favoured Syrups

The best comeback gift you can ever give to your clients is quality services. The best quality service you can give to your customers is making them delicious meals that will make them bite their tongue and ask for more…

Here are 5 delicious sweetbird recipes your customers will love.
1. Strawberry Refresher
This will contain:
•    Sweetbird Strawberry Smoothie,
•    1 pump Swetbird Lime Syrup,
•    Ice,
•    Water,
•    Blender
To have this delicious summer smoothie, fill your cup with ice, then add one third water and top up with sweetbird strawberry smoothie. Then blend all ingredients and add one pump of Sweetbird Lime Syrup. Relish the sweetness of summer life!
2. Wild Bramble
•    Sweetbird Naturally Sweetened Berry smoothie
•    2 shots gin
•    ice
•    professional blender
You just have to fill cup with ice, add gin, top with smoothie and pour into blender jar. Blend until smooth, pour back into cup and garnish with berries. Enjoy the fruitfulness of nature.
3. Summer Fruit Milkshake
Have this ingredients:
•    1 pump Sweetbird Strawberry syrup
•    1 pump Sweetbird Raspberry syrup
•    1 pump Sweetbird Blueberry syrup
•    Half scoop Zuma Vanilla Bean Frappé
•    Whole or semi-skimmed milk
•    Ice
•    Professional blender.
Then, half fill your cup with ice, add the Sweetbird Strawberry, Sweetbird Raspberry and Sweetbird Blueberry syrups and top with milk. Pour into blender jar, add the half scoop of Zuma Vanilla Bean Frappé Powder and blend until smooth. Pour back into cup and serve.

4. Strawberries and Cream Frappe Recipe
•    1/3 Sweetbird Strawberry Smoothie
•    1 x scoop of Zuma Vanilla Frappe Powder
•    2/3 Milk
•    Ice
•    Professional blender.
Fill your glass with ice, add 2/3 milk, then pour in 1/3 Strawberry Smoothie Mix. Add to your blender followed by 1 scoop of Zuma Frappé powder. Blend until smooth, pour back into glass and serve. How about that?
5. Summer Daze
•    Sweetbird Strawberry & Banana Smoothie
•    1 pump Sweetbird Pineapple Syrup
•    Milk
•    Ice
•    Professional blender.
All you need to do is to fill cup with ice, top up with Strawberry & Banana Smoothie, add the Sweetbird Pineapple Syrup and blend until smooth. Pour back into cup and serve with a jumbo straw, kill your mouth thrills!

These are five superhot recipes to give your customer satisfaction. You can get your Sweetbird syrup at our store. We have different flavours including:
•    Sweetbird vanilla flavour syrups,
•    Sweetbird Watermelon Iced Green Tea
And so on.