How to choose your next coffee machine

With such a wide range of different coffee machines and brewing methods to choose from, you could be forgiven for being confused about the best choice for your next office coffee machine, pub coffee machine or even your coffee shop coffee machine. To make choosing your next coffee machine easier we have produced this guide which should help you choose the right machine for you.
Office Coffee Machine
We supply a wide range of machines suitable for use in offices, the one you choose will depend on the number of drinks you need to serve in a day and the variety and range of drinks needed.
Just Coffee If you just need coffee then the simplest and easiest choice is a pour and serve filter coffee machine. Hand filled and just requiring a 13amp plug socket to run off these machine will brew 3 pints / 1.8 litres of fresh filter coffee in just five minutes and can normally keep two jugs warm at once - that means you have 6 pints or 24 cups of filter coffee ready to serve at any one time and as you serve one jug the other can be brewing. Some of our most popular filter coffee machines are the Bravilor Novo pour and serve coffee machine which is a reliable and efficient filter coffee machine in easy clean stainless steel. For a more stylish filter coffee machine you might like to try the Bravilor Mondo Pour and serve filter coffee machine which includes advanced features such as descaling alert. For an alternative style filter coffee machine you could try the Technivorm pour and serve filter coffee machine which is another quick filter coffee machine.

If you need to serve filter coffee in a variety of locations, ie in meeting rooms or training rooms, then a Airpot filter coffee machine may be the ideal choice for you. These machines use a thermal insulated pump flask that keeps the coffee hot after brewing, and can be carried away from the machine to serve filter coffee in any location. You can buy extra flasks, so you can have as many flasks of coffee on the go as you need, and with each flask holding around 12 cups there is more then enough capacity for everyone. This Bravilor Aurora thermal filter coffee machine is the best way to serve office coffee in a variety of different locations.

Espresso, Cappuccino and Latte If you want to serve a range of speciality coffees then the best system would be a 1 or 2 group traditional coffee machine - the small amount of staff time needed to be trained and then use the machine to make drinks will reap rewards because you will produce a high quality drink - essential in todays competitive coffee market. Consumers are growing wise and learning to avoid automated machines where staff just press a button and the drink magically pops out. Look for a quality single group like the Wega iO package which offers the machine, grinder and accessories in a single bundle.

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