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How to choose your next coffee machine

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How to choose your next coffee machine

With such a wide range of different coffee machines and brewing methods to choose from, you could be forgiven for being confused about the best choice for your next office coffee machine, pub coffee machine or even your coffee shop coffee machine. To make choosing your next coffee machine easier we have produced this guide which should help you choose the right machine for you. Office Coffee Machine We supply a wide range of machines suitable for use in offices, the one you choose will depend on the number of drinks you need to serve in a day and the...

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How to use and maintain your filter coffee machine

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Although filter coffee brewers are relatively straight forward to use, we thought it would be worth providing a step by step guide so you know how to get the best from your filter coffee machine. 1) Always use a clean jug of fresh water per brew. 2) Remove the filter pan (a plastic or steel basket with handle located at the front near the top of the machine). Place one filter paper into the filter pan, making sure the sides of the filter paper fit snug to the sides of the filter pan. If you leave any of the sides...

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