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Lotus Speculoo Caramelised Biscuits (1x300)

Lotus Speculoo Caramelised Biscuits (1x300)

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Amaretti individually wrapped biscuits - a caramelised biscuit from lotus bakeries to go with cappuccino. Packed in cases of (1x300). Each Speculoo caramalised belgium biscuit is individually wrapped.

Based on a widespread Belgian tradition of baking lotus caramelised biscuits, Lotus has since 1932 created a unique taste for caramelised biscuits. This has led to the development of a unique caramelised biscuit that knows no equal and has conquered its own special place in the biscuit world. This caramelised biscuit represents 20 percent of total biscuit consumption in its home market.

The unique, caramelised taste of Lotus caramelised biscuits is appreciated throughout the world, making this Lotus Original caramelised biscuit a success in a very large number of countries. Products are recognisable by their outstanding quality and their specific taste and shape profiles


brand awareness is strongly influenced by the fact that Lotus products are consumed everywhere: in hotels, restaurants and cafes, food service and home consumption. In many countries, for that matter, it's consumption outside the home that first sparks the awareness, mostly as a cookie with coffee in the hotels, restaurants and cafes, and this then acts as the catalyst for retail success.

Caramelised biscuits were originally a Belgian speciality and consumption has increased steadily through Lotus's dynamism. At the same time, Lotus biscuits have met with increasing success in more and more countries. In France, Germany, the UK, USA, Switzerland, Korea, Israel, Austria, the Lebanon, Cyprus, Japan and the Czech Republic this has happened in both the hotel, restaurant and cafe sector and as in retail, while in the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Taiwan and some other countries there has been a definite success with a cookie with a cup of coffee in the hotel, restaurant and cafe sector. Already more than 50% of Lotus caramelised biscuits are consumed outside Belgium.

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