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Green Coffee Beans

Kenya Peaberry Arabica Green Coffee Beans (1kg)

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Origin Kenya Peaberry green coffee beans. Peaberry is exclusive and makes for a more complete finish. Full body with medium acidity and a sweet quality.

Origin: Bisembe Farmers Co-operative

Bisembe Wet Mill

This micro-lot Peaberry is grown by the small-holder farmers of the Bisembe co-operative in Kisii County, a mountainous region of western Kenya best known for its bananas and soap stone trade. Famed for evergreen farms, Kisii arguably records one of the highest rainfalls in the country thanks to its positioning in the Lake Victoria lake basin and the heavily foliaged Kisii Highlands. With its mild climate, fertile land and picturesque undulating hills, this catchment resembles the Jamaica Blue Mountains.

Coffee production in Kisii has been on a steady decline as farmers focus on subsistence agriculture, replacing coffee trees with food crops. At the same time, co-operatives are struggling with heavy loans and failing machinery. On the contrary, Bisembe sets the example. This sustainably-focused society educates its 2,000 plus members on best farming practices and extends credit for farm inputs.


  • Founded
  • Altitude
    1,700 - 1,950
  • Origin type
  • No. of farms
  • No. of members
  • Farm size
    1 ha
  • Coffee growing area
    3,000 ha


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