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Aerobie Aeropress Plunger Coffee Brewer for ground coffee

Aerobie Aeropress Plunger Coffee Brewer for ground coffee

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The Aeropress was originally developed as a camping tool, the ideal way to make coffee when you are away from home comforts. However the plunger developed pressure system and micro filters have made it quickly become the tool of choice for coffee professionals and domestic users alike. It produces a cup that is full-flavoured yet smooth and that is without bitterness. The coffee is also sludge free as this coffee maker uses paper micro-filters to prevent any solids passing into the cup.

The AeroPress is very quick - it can brew coffee in less than a minute. This is because it uses pressure, like an espresso machine, to speed up the extraction of flavour. The microfilter captures all the coffee grounds, no matter how fine you brew, and the resulting used grounds cake is far easier to dispense with in a bin then the grounds found in cafetieres that often have to be washed down a sink.

The AeroPress is made from robust copolyester (plastic) so can be used anywhere: at home, in the office or even on your travels. It makes great coffee and it is great value for money, which makes it an absolute must-have for any coffee lover.

  • Made from co-polyester (plastic) which is durable and easy to clean.
  • Comes with: Aeropress coffee chamber and plunger, 350 x AeroPress paper micro-filters, coffee scoop, stirrer, funnel; as well as instruction manual.
  • Made in USA


  Height Extended Height when stored Diameter Capacity Model
Aeropress 260mm 139mm 107mm 4 cups A80

Will fit on top of cups with an internal diameter between 70mm and 96mm.


Using the ideal water temperature
and gentle air pressure brewing yields
rich flavor with lower acidity and
without bitterness.

Total immersion brewing results in uniform
extraction of the ultimate in full coffee
flavor. Other coffee makers drip hot water
on bed of grounds, over extracting at the
center and under extracting at the edge.

Micro filtered for grit free coffee unlike
other press-type coffee makers.

One minute from start to enjoy. The actual
press time takes only 20 seconds.

adobepdficonAeropress Instructions and Guide

The Aerobie Aeropress is an engineering triumph, a totally portable and easy to use coffee brewer that is able to match the pressure normally used by espresso coffee machines - via a simple plunger system allowing you to create espresso style coffee anywhere quickly and easily. Highly acclaimed in Speciality Coffee circles, with the Aeropress you can have complete control over how you brew the coffee, varying both pressure and water temperature to find the perfect taste profile from any single origin coffee or blended coffee.

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