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Dinkum Shmoo Thick Shakes Starter Kit

Dinkum Shmoo Thick Shakes Starter Kit

Regular price £299.99 ( £359.99 Including Vat )
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3 tubs of ingredient, POS items and the Dinkum Spindle Milkshake Mixer Starter pack includes:- 1 x Fresh Shakes Commerical Milkshake mixer. 3 x 1.8kg tubs of milkshake mix. Strawberry, Banana and Chocolate. 


  • Powerful branding with full POS package
  • Unique mixing system - Every drink is made in the cup the customer will then use so no waste and no washing up.
  • Commercial Milkshake machine takes up just 18cmx18cm of counter space, quick and easy to clean and no maintenance.
  • Specially formulated powdered mix that produces a Thick milkshake using no ice cream and just half a cup of semi-skimmed milk.
  • Healthy Option - When made up there is less than 50% sugar when compared to most fizzy drinks and squashes. Low in calories, low in fat, gluten free and suitable for Vegetarians. Natural flavours and colours plus the added goodness of fresh milk.
  • Profits between 60% and 85%, no overheads once you purchase the package and no wastage.
  • Includes 3 tubs of toppings

  Height Width Depth Water Tank Power
Milkshake Mixer 290mm 180mm 200mm n/a 350 watt

You can buy additional tubs of Shmoo Thick Milkshake powder ingredient tubs and you can pay extra for cups, lids and straws online either with your starter kit or in the future to keep you stocked up with Thick Shakes.

Shmoo thick milkshakes are perfect when served in the branded dinkum take out cups, these thick milkshakes just need half a cup of semi skimmed milk to make a full cup of rich and creamy thickshake.
Shmoo thick milkshake spindle mixer is very versatile, you can make iced coffee drinks using the cappuccino cool powder mix..


How Much to Make a Shmoo?

13 floz = approx 40p
22 floz = approx 52p

Toppings not included

How Much can I charge?

Let’s imagine you have an average cafe on the average UK high street. From our experience you would sell a:

13floz for £1.40, 22floz for £1.95


How Much do I Make Per Drink?

Now for the maths:

Selling price: £1.40
Cost price: 40p
Your Profit:
£1.00 or 71% per drink
Selling price: £1.95
Cost price: 52p
Your Profit:
£1.43 or 75% per drink

How Much do I Take and Make
from the Starter Pack?

With 150 small cups and 150 large cups in the starter pack you would:

150 serves x £1.40 = £210.00
150 serves x £1.95 = £292.50
Your Total Take
= £502.50
150 serves x £1.00 = £150.00
150 serves x £1.43 = £214.50
You Make
= £364.50

And There’s More to be Made!

If toppings are ordered then you make an up sale. At 50p for cream and toppings you would make approx 35p per drink.

Lets say half of your customers order cream and toppings thats 150 x 35p so that means you can add £52 to your profit on a starter pack.

Profit on a Starter Pack = £360 + £52
so Total Profit is around £412.50

Don’t forget you have only paid £130 or £327.50 to get started so you are IN THE MONEY straight away.

There’s no risk with Shmoo - sell the ingredients in the starter pack to take and make more than your outlay!


Interested in the UK’s No1 thickshake package or want a demonstration at your premises?

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