Paper Espresso Coffee Pods

Our range of ESE Coffee Pods from Lavazza and also our own label. Espresso Coffee Pods contain the ground coffee inside a tight packed paper filter, making them a clean and convenient way of making espresso coffee. Traditionally roasted in a drum roaster over a gas flame for a richer, smoother flavour. Ground using state of the art flat bed grinding technology to grind perfection. Carefully packed in the highest quality ESE pod filter paper, and then flushed with naturally produced nitrogen for freshness before being individually wrapped. This is completed within 1 hour in an ISO accredited roasting plant. The end result of all this hard work is the perfect ESE - easy serving espresso coffee pod. The single-serving espresso pod is 44mm in diameter and contains approximately 7 grams of ground roasted coffee. Most commercial and domestic espresso machines can use espresso pods in the single-shot filter basket. Many machines come with special filter baskets for use with espresso pods, or these special baskets can be purchased seperately.