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Vietnam Robusta Wet Polished (1kg)

Vietnam Robusta Wet Polished (1kg)

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Robusta green coffee beans from Vietnam, these wet polished coffee beans will give your espresso blends a caffeine kick.

A Superpower of Robusta Production Vietnam is currently the world number one producer and exporter of Robusta coffee (which is widely used to make instant coffee), second only to Brazil in term of volume. Vietnam has become an important source of Robusta coffee for many large coffee roasters, due to its vast availability and reasonable value. Strauss purchases more than 350,000 bags annually from Vietnam. Some Facts and Figures - Vietnamese coffee production is highly concentrated in the central highlands (80 percent). The province of Daklak alone produces about 43 percent of national coffee output, with Lam Dong and Gia Lai contributing additional 41 percent. The majority of coffee plantations are in the south with main production of Robusta. The Arabica coffee is mainly in the northern areas and partly in Lam Dong, Daklak. The majority of Vietnamese coffee plantation is small and medium sized from less than 1 to 50 hectares. There is less than 5% of coffee plantation are larges scaled (more than 500 hectares) and these plantations belong to state owned Vinacafe group.

Vietnam has only one Robusta crop per year, and the crop year starts from October until the end of September the year after

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