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New compact coffee brewer - Delter Coffee Brewer for faster, cleaner and better tasting coffee

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What is the Delter Coffee Brewer? They say

The first coffee brewer designed with volumetric infusion, providing control over your brewing with absolute ease. The result? Cleaner extraction, which means a more delicious coffee, and less bitterness every time.

It looks similar to an Aeropress, but works entirely differently. You fill the brew chamber with ground coffee, and then place on the cap with filter paper inside (it uses filter papers the exact same size as the Aeropress). Then all you need to do is place it brew chamber down on the vessel you will brew into, pour water through the centre chamber - and then control how the water interacts with the coffee by drawing up the plunger. This means you can pre-infuse with a litte water for as long as you wish - before then drawing in more water - then when you are done - press down to exert your extraction pressure.

The Delter Coffee Brewer has been developed by coffee enthusiasts to produce what they believe is the best possible cup of brewed coffee. The unique way it controls water and grounds agitation makes a better cup of coffee - quite simply and we believe this will be the must have brewing method of 2019.

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