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Lavazza Dek Decaffeinated Ground Espresso Coffee Pod ( 108 x 7g )

Lavazza Dek Decaffeinated Ground Espresso Coffee Pod ( 108 x 7g )

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The paper pod is packed in a protected atmosphere, thus guaranteeing freshness at every dose. This product is best utilized on espresso machines with an adaptor in the filter holder.A decaffeinated blend of full-bodied Brazilian and sweet Asian coffees.

Decaf Lavazza Espresso Pods are comprised of a blend of naturally decaffeinated, 100% Arabica coffees made from full-bodied Brazilian and selected Asian beans. Each Lavazza pod is individually sealed in a nitrogen flushed package, insuring the freshest espresso every time as well as a very long shelf life. Lavazza Dek pods can be brewed in traditional espresso machines, although a paper pod adapter (E.S.E. or compatible) is highly recommended. These de caff pods make decaffeinated espresso simple and clean to make.

Advantages of the Espresso Pod:

An optimal degree of grinding: the coffee contained in the Lavazza paper pod features a fine grind to ensure the maximum coffee extraction from espresso machines.
The utmost freshness: Each Lavazza paper pod is packed in a protected oxygen-free atmosphere which ensures the coffee will remain fresh until the packaging is opened.
Practical and swift: Intermediate operations such as dosing and tamping are by-passed.
Constant and optimum quality: The Lavazza coffee is not wasted and the correct dosage is ensured with the paper pod. The same quantity of Lavazza yeilds the same quality at all times.
More hygienic and cleaner: Lavazza paper pods do not leave any reside in the filter when the coffee is drawn out of the machine. Thus, the shower screen, filters and the fittings of the espresso machine are soiled less, allowing for simpler and swifter cleaning operations.

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