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Cioccolatiere Bain Marie Hot Chocolate Machine

Cioccolatiere Bain Marie Hot Chocolate Machine

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The circulating paddle in the dispenser stirs and tempers your chocolate mix into a thick and rich hot chocolate drink. The body on this unit is constructed of shock-proof non-toxic poly carbonate. The liquid storage dispenser is easily removable even when full of liquid, and can be fully disembled for a complete clean down after use.


  • Transparent 5 litre bowl
  • Heating by bain-marie in order to heat without burning the product.
  • Adjustable Drink Temperature by means of a thermostat
  • Continuous stirring to maintain the thickness without lumps
  • Easy Clean, new easy to detach bowl.
  • Delivery tap which is absolutely anti-clogging
  • Transparent bowl to enhance visual display of the beverage, new design all surfaces insulated against heat.
  • Heat up time of 15 minutes
  • Ideal for dispensing continental style chocolate
  • Price includes boxed delivery, 12 months back to base Warranty (please retain the packaging in case you need to return the machine during the Warranty period) and 3kg Dropissimo Chocolate Drops
  • Keeps the chocolate hot and mixes it


  • Weight 7kg
  • Requires a 13amp plug socket
Height Width Depth Ingredient Tank Power
Ciocclataire 470mm 300mm 300mm 5 ltr 1000 watt

Basic Operation of the Ciocclataire hot chocolate dispensor.

Before turning on always ensure the bain marie boiler water level is at Maximum. During use never let the bain marie boiler water level drop below minimum.

Mix your chocolate product, take off the ciocclataires top lid and pour in the chocolate product. Press the on/off switch at the side of the machine and the internal paddles will mix the chocolate product.

Adjust the thermostat to the highest setting to heat the product in the bowl, whatever temperature setting is used on the thermostat, the ciocclataire will maintain the product at that temperature.

Dispense the chocolate product into the cup as required by using the dispensing tap at the front of the machine.

Cleaning of the bowl and other machine components should take place every day. Before cleaning it is neccesary to empty the bowl completely of all ingredient.

Once the bowl has been emptied, fill it with fresh water and set the thermostat to 50. Leave for 20 minutes.

Empty the bowl again using the tap. Remove the lid, and lift away the stirring paddle. Twist and lift the bowl to remove it from the machine body (there is no base to the bowl so make sure there is no ingredient in it.) Wash the bowl and the exposed base area the bowl sits on. If required the tap dissembles for cleaning. Re-attach the bowl making sure the rubber seal is fitted correctly.

Chocolate machine using heating by bain marie designed to heat and mix any kind of drink (tea, coffee, milk, chocolate, chai, mulled wine) in a special way that ensures its smoothness and thickness. This chocolate machine heats the chocolate by bain marie simply and effortlessly, and produces an excellent result in a very short time.


CH hot chocolate machines have been de- signed to heat and mix any kind of drink (tea, coffee, milk, mulled wine, etc.) and chocolate in a special way that ensures its smoothness and thickness.

The machines prepare the hot chocolate simply and effortlessly using the profes- sional “bain-marie” method, making for an excellent result and saving time into the bargain.

• Bain-marie heating of product prevents burning.
• Continuous stirring maintains a perfect, lump-free consistency.
• Thermostat for adjusting temperature as required.
• Special anti-clogging tap.
• Stainless steel boiler, with thermal insu
- lation.
• Non-slip feet.
• New product bowl that can be removed quickly.
• Large drip tray with water level gauge.
• Hot water tank with easy emptying pro
- cess.

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