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Canderel Yellow Sweetner Tablets in Sachets (1x1000)

Canderel Yellow Sweetner Tablets in Sachets (1x1000)

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Canderel Yellow Sweetner Sachets. Packed in box's of 1x1000 sachets. Each sachet holds one sweetner tablet.

Save up to 100 calories* a day without sacrificing the sweet taste you love in your hot drinks.

*(based on five hot drinks a day sweetened with one teaspoon of sugar)

Zero Calories

Did you know that you can save calories but still enjoy great sweet taste by using Canderel Yellow Tablets to sweeten your hot drinks? Each tablet is equivalent in sweetness to a teaspoon of sugar but contains zero calories (compared to sugar which contains 20 calories). That means, you can save up to 100 calories a day and 700 calories in a week* just by replacing sugar with Canderel Yellow Tablets in your hot drinks alone! *(based on five hot drinks a day sweetened with one teaspoon of sugar)

Great Taste

Canderel Yellow Tablets dissolve easily in your tea and coffee to give you the delicious sweet taste you love with less calories!

For on the go

Available in 200 tablet packs, Canderel Yellow Tablets are perfect to keep in your bag for sweetening when you're out and about.

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