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Twinings Whole Leaf Silky Pyramid Envelope The Earl Earl Grey Tea (4x20x2.5g)

Twinings Whole Leaf Silky Pyramid Envelope The Earl Earl Grey Tea (4x20x2.5g)

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This whole leaf version is wonderful, long twisted dry leaves that swell to double their size when brewed, the smell of bergamot is fragrant and moreish.


Black tea

Bergamot flavouring


We believe that how you make your tea is equally as important as the tea you use, so here are our tips:
  • Use freshly drawn cold water
  • Use water at a rolling boil (100degrees celcius)
  • Steep for 2 mins as a rule: the larger the leaf, the slower the brew
  • Best with a dash of milk or a slice of lemon
  • and for freshness every time, keep your tea somewhere cool, dark, dry and airtight

Discover how tea should be..
Afternoon tea has never been so popular and the consumer demand for new and exciting blends continues to dictate tea meanus.

At Twinings, we understand that drinking tea, especially out of home is a special occasion for customers, an opportunity to try new blends and be adventurous. Customers are now willing to pay more for a tea experience that offers them something truly memorable and are actively looking for blends that offer a balance of quality, taste and value for money.

Silk Pyramids offers consumers an authentic loose tea experience, in the convienience of a bag, also allowing caterers to charge a premium for a range of speciality teas and infusions.

Each blend in the Silky Pyramid range is made from whole leaves sourced from the best tea gardens around the world and the biodegradeable silky pyramids allow plenty of room for the full tea flavour to infuse - a benefit that one Mint Humbug and Jasmine Pearls a Great Taste Gold Aware in 2012.

Features and Benefits

  • A range of exciting blends and flavours
  • Awarded Great Taste Award 2012
  • Loose leaf teas gives consumers an Afternoon Tea experience
  • Range of merchandising solutions to ensure consumers are aware of the range you are serving

  • New tea ranges will add excitement to your tea menus and encourage trial of new blends.
  • Caterers are able to charge a price premium for loose tea service
  • Serving a trusted brand encourages repeat purchase and loyalty to outlet
  • An Afternoon Tea occasion can also increase sales of sandwiches and cakes provided additional revenue


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