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Toper Destoner System TDS-15

Toper Destoner System TDS-15

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Toper destoners pneumatically remove all kinds of stone, metal and similar foreign bodies existing in coffee beans, legumes, spices and grained food.

The destoners developed by Toper R&D department are mobile and very easy-to-use.

They are also used as product silos and do not harm or rumplethe products during destoning.

Shop type destoners

Models TDS-15 TDS-30 TDS-60
225 kgs/h
495 lbs/h
450 kgs/h
990 lbs/h
900 kgs/h
1,984 lbs/h
25x81x41 in 
35x83x43 in
59x76x40 in
Weight 58 kgs
128 lbs
125 kgs
276 lbs
195 kgs
430 lbs
Voltage 100 - 110 - 220 - 230 - 380 V
Frequency 50 - 60 Hz
2.2 kW/h 

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