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Tanzania Cima Fermented TZ-13 Arabica Green Coffee Beans (1kg)

Tanzania Cima Fermented TZ-13 Arabica Green Coffee Beans (1kg)

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Location/Origin  Tanzania
Altitude 1350 to 1880m
Variety Red Bourbon, Kent, Gesha, Pacamara
Preperation Fermented
Harvest June-November
Owner / Farm Neel Vohora Edelwiess Oldeani Estate and Finagro Plantations Ltd
SCA Cup score and notes 85 Citrus, Dark Chocolate, Fruity, Complex, Juicy, Soft


Edelweiss and Finagro are based on the slopes of the Ngorongoro Crater, the worlds largest unbroken caldera, a UNESCO world heritage site and the haven for scores of wildlife including elephant, rhino, lions and numerous antelope. Our family have held stewardship over the beautiful farms for 3 generations. A mixture of exceptional terroir, climate and good farming practices have driven our farms to produce consistently exceptional and well recognised coffees that are sustainable in production and in our environmental and social impact. Combined with our sharing our farms with numerous elephants, buffalos and occasionally lions provides for a unique coffee experience. We provide sustainable and consistent employment for more that 500 members of the community all whilst living in harmony with the abundant wildlife found through the farms. 

For this nano-lot, we chose coffees from Edelweiss Oldeani Estate and a yeast called Cima, from Lalcafé. Cima yields bolder fresh and fruit flavours in coffee when added to the pulped cherries in the maceration tank, hence the fruity and citrussy cup profile of this coffee. This is the first year we experiment with yeast fermentation and chose to work with yeasts from Lalcafé, whom we met during World of Coffee in Berlin, as the strains they produce are meant to preserve characteristics of the terroir and better express the potential of each varietal. Due to its freshness, the sample might present notes of green tea and some dryness. These flavours will fade as the green coffee rests. We have cupped this coffee 3 times so far in different stages of harvest and as both type and fully processed samples. It can be strange and puzzling (in a nice way) because the flavours are constantly developing. It's like watching a child grow...

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