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Roasted Coffee Beans

Kenya Blue Mountain Roasted Coffee (1kg)

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Kenya Blue Mountain Blend Roasted Coffee Beans, roasted darker to give richer flavours of red wine and spice.

Kenya Blue Mountain coffee, available as wholebean or in a variety of grind styles. Quite an exclusive Arabica, cultivated high in the Kenyan mountains which make it hard to sustain and harvest. The coffee plant varieties that are cultivated are grown from original stock sourced from Jamaican Blue Mountain estates - hence the similar name. Kenya Blue Mountain coffee has been around for more then 100 years, and while not commanding the same sort of price as it's Jamaican counter part it is still a quality coffee worthy of the slightly larger price tag. Expect medium acidity from this coffee, which can be very fruity to the point of almost reaching a Red Wine taste, and also features spicy undertones.

About our coffee Packaging
We use high quality Aluminium Foil bags for packing our coffee, they are heat sealed and can be resealed after opening using a suitable heated device with two flat sides.
Our coffee bags feature a One Way Degassing Valve, this ensures our freshly roasted coffee can continue to give off carbon dioxide while packed and the bag will not expand like a balloon. Degassing is a natural side effect of the coffee roasting process, and different origins will give off carbon dioxide for longer or shorter periods of time so it is essential to have a quality one way valve to release this gas. Freshly roasted coffee will start to loose taste and flavour in the presence of Oxygen, which is why we seal it in one way valve bags to preserve freshness - and the natural process of giving off carbon dioxide helps push out any oxygen after the bag is sealed.

Coffee roast level guide (Very Dark = 6 Beans)
Roasted Coffee BeansRoasted Coffee BeansRoasted Coffee BeansRoasted Coffee Beans


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