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Honduras Finca LiquidAmber Washed Arabica Green Coffee Beans (1kg)

Honduras Finca LiquidAmber Washed Arabica Green Coffee Beans (1kg)

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During harvest when the coffee is at its optimum ripeness, cherry is collected manually by specific staff who are trained to collect the precise level of ripeness and maintaining an extra level of quality control. The cherries are then dried on African beds for 20 to 25 days taking care that the coffee rests a few days before moving and drying. This process requires special attention because as the cherries dry, they must be moved so that they dry out equally. Lempira, the varietal that shares a name with the department and is signifi cant in Honduras, was until recently rust resistant, so having a mix of varieties on the farms as a way of increasing genetic diversity and therefore crop security is important. Ihcafe90 is a Catura/Timor Hybrid cross with high yield potential, selected by Instituto Hondureño del Café.

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