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Degono Ground Coffee and Loose Tea Press (6 cup/1litre)

Degono Ground Coffee and Loose Tea Press (6 cup/1litre)

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We are really excited to be able to offer you this brand new ground coffee press that is manufactured in the UK in collaboration with White Rose Coffee Roasters  - the Degono uses an exceptionally clever dual filter mesh system - so your ground coffee or loose leaf tea is trapped between them - so after brewing you just have to remove the plunger including the grounds, position over your food waste bin and press the button on the plunger top to release the bottom filter and free the grounds into the bin - no more clogged drains.

The Degono has even more great features though, when you fit the bottom filter ready to add coffee - there is a preinfusion chamber so you can add your hot but not boiling water to fill the base chamber, then your grounds and let them preinfuse for a minute before adding the rest of your water. Let the grounds circulate and brew for another minute before adding the top plunger - remember to press the top button on the plunger as you plunge so it passes the locking mechanism - then your delicious fresh ground coffee is ready to pour and enjoy.

This is the 6 cup version, which holds when full 1 litre of hot water - you can of course make as much coffee as you like with it - full it will make two good mugs of delicious coffee and we suggest 30g of coarse ground coffee will be good for that, half full will make one mug and 15g will be perfect. It includes a handy scoop to use that when full will give you enough grounds to fill the press up.

And to launch this new coffee press to you, we are supplying it with two 250g bags of White Rose Coffee Roasters ground coffee - and it's excellent coffee because both won White Rose Coffee Roasters Great Taste Awards 2021 1 Star ratings. Please note this offer is only available on the first unit you buy, if you choose the multi unit discount you will still only receive 2 bags of 250g with the order.

The Degono coffee press is ideal for serving excellent coffee without mess or fuss, we think it is perfect for high quality pubs and bars, hotels and restaurants that want to serve quality coffee at the table.

What the manufacturers says

The Degono Tea & Coffee Press is the first in the world to include the GroundsAway™ cleaning system. The system adds a second filter that sits in the bottom of the jug, trapping the grounds, making it easier to remove them afterwards.

6 cup capacity

Groundsaway dual filters - remove grounds easily and simply

High quality German toughened glass insert holds your hot but not boiling water.

Made in the UK.

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