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Bravilor Aurora Single High Thermal Filter Coffee Brewer

Bravilor Aurora Single High Thermal Filter Coffee Brewer

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Aurora Single High (Aurora 5,7 SGH) brews filter coffee directly into a portable dispenser of 5,7 L. The touchscreen is easy to use, especially when you use the pre-set programmes: mild, regular and dark roast.

However, the Aurora units allow professionals to optimise every setting of the brewing process such as water temperature, coffee-water ratio, pre-wet and brewing time. If you want to create homemade blends or if you serve single-origin coffees, this feature might be of particular interest. Additionally you can use the water bypass.

Interesting facts about the Aurora Single High:

  • The Aurora brews 5,7 litres in less than 15 minutes.
  • The spray head brings out the best aromatic flavours.
  • The Aurora brews coffee in four volumes: 1.9, 2.2, 3.8 and 5,7 litres.
  • RFID cards make it easy to exchange settings between the Aurora units.
  • The Aurora registers day and cumulative counter data.
  • The Aurora meets the high quality SCAE Gold Cup standard for filter coffee.
  • The 2.2 L Airpot Furento fits under the hot water tap.

The thermos dispenser Aurora is not included. You can order the container separately.

Filter coffee is HOT
A trend in the co ee industry is  lter co ee. Filter co ee? Yes! It has been around for years and has been re-discovered. Bravilor Bonamat started its business with the development of one  lter co ee-maker more than 65 years ago, and is today’s European market leader. We know how important certain aspects, such as water temperature and contact time, are for a delicious cup of coffee.
Your own co ee blend
As standard, the thermal brewer Aurora o ers three blends: Mild, Regular and Dark Roast. Additionally, baristas and coffee roasters can create custom- or homemade co ee recipes. Each unit can store up to 25 co ee specialities. You can set the pre-wetting time for the best aromatic  avours, meet the Gold Cup Standard* with the right water temperature and many more. Once you have created the perfect recipe you can easily share it with other thermal brewers Aurora via an RFID card, the latest technology.
Design makes a di erence
Cffee shops and bars often have a wide, open bar counter. You can use the thermal brewers Aurora, and the dispensers in particular, as marketing tool. Branding the units with promo wrappings can add value to your co ee shop presenting company art, logos or coffee blends in an attractive way.
* The Gold Cup standard is driven by the SCAE (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe) to ensure the quality of the brewing process.

User-friendly touchscreen
All thermal brewers Aurora have an intuitive touchscreen display as control. The key-users can brew co ee in no- time by selecting the co ee blend (mild, regular or dark roast) and volume (1.9, 2.2, 3.8 or 5.7 L) of their choice.
Note that you can adjust all separate aspects of the brewing process for your perfect cup of coffee, such as the co ee to water ratio, contact and brewing time.
Environmentally friendly
One of the settings on the touchscreen display is the ECO Mode. To avoid unnecessary use of energy you can set the ECO Mode. This setting ensures that the machine only works at full power when you need co ee.
On top of the many bene ts, the thermal brewer Aurora also gives valuable insights. You can read the day and total counters via the menu.

1. Design
Appealing, professional co ee machines add value to your (co ee) shop.
2. Made in Holland
All Aurora units are handcrafted and manufactured in our own Dutch factory.
3. Valveless brewing system
Our R&D department developed this machine with one valve (hot water tap). The valveless brewing system will reduce your incoming service calls on scaling problems to a minimum.
4. Water temperature
The water temperature can be set separately for each unit. This means that a twin unit can brew two sorts of co ee with two di erent water temperatures simultaneously.
5. Ease of use
The inside of the machine will look familiar to service men that have been working with Bravilor Bonamat’s equipment, as we used our common patented maintenance- friendly and high-quality components.

6. Choice of quantity
You can serve coffee in four volumes: 1.9, 2.2 (Airpot), 3.8 and 5.7 litres.
7. Water bypass
You can choose to brew co ee with the water bypass functionality. This can reduce your brewing time considerably.
8. RFID card
When you have selected or created your preferred recipes and adjusted all aspects according to your wishes, you can save them onto an RFID card. You can use this card to install the other thermal brewers Aurora within seconds!
9. Create your own blend
The Aurora units o er the possibility to create your own homemade blend or single-origin recipe with precise settings, such as water temperature, pre-wetting and brewing time.
10. Water spray head
The water spray head has been developed speci cally to bring out the best aromatic  flavour and to reduce scaling.


Bravilor machines are supplied with Boxed delivery only. If you require engineer connection to your prepared facilities and set up you can purchase this seperately from the related products below.

Bravilor supply a 12 months parts and labour warranty with their machine, and a second year parts only warranty. Please be aware this warranty excludes limescale damage and misuse - you are strongly advised to purchase a CTU limescale water filter from the related products below to protect the machine from damage and ensure you warranty remains valid.

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