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AquaCafe Hot Drinks Capsule Machine and Chilled Water

AquaCafe Hot Drinks Capsule Machine and Chilled Water

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  • Single-serve coffee & tea in about 45 seconds, and hot &

    chilled water for residential and small offices

  • Hotter water for barista quality coffee, tea and for cooking instant noodles and soups

  • Space saver – frees up counter space, no brewer or coffee pot on the counter or filtration system at the sink

  • Time saver – Barista quality coffee brewed at home. No drive to expensive coffee shop or waiting in line

  • Brews 6 oz, 8 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz and 14 oz cup sizes

  • Safety lock function for hot water

  • Easy-to-use touch screen with illuminated dispensing area and brightness controls

  • Adjustable drip tray that’s removable for easy cleaning

1L / .26G stainless steel hot tank

3.78L / 1G cold tank

Bottle water models load from the bottom so there is no lifting of heavy bottles – they slide in place

Filtration models have room inside for single or dual icon eco3 filters, or an RO system

Sealed controls keep out dirt and liquid
Accu-Temp® – Serves water at the proper temperature

every time

Stay-Cool® — Keeps residual water in the cold waterway chilled and ready to serve


Total Power Consumption 1300W Cold Power Consumption 100W

Hot Power Consumption 1200W

Avg. Hot Water Temp at Nozzle @ 75°F ambient (Cut-in / Cut-out) Hot Thermostat / Heat Limiter Hot Thermostat / Therimstor Cycle Hot Tank Size (Liter : Gallon) Heating Element

194 / 201.2°F
1L : .26G
Internal Heating Element

Avg. Hot Water Temp at Nozzle @77oF Ambient Cut-in Temp: Cut-out Temp:

Hot Water ARI Rating Hot Thermometer / Heat Limiter Hot Thermostat / Thermistor Cycle Hot Water Flow Rate Heating Element

Cup 1 174.38°F (79.1°C) 194.9°F (90.5°C )

Cup 2 175.1°F (79.5°C )

Cup 3 174.74°F (79.3°C)

193.64°F (89.8°C)

Cup 3 46.4°F (8°C)

42.98°F (6.1°C)

Avg. Cold Water Temp at Nozzle @ 75oF Ambient Cut-in Temp: Cut-out Temp:

Cold Water ARI Rating Cold Thermostat Set Point Cold Water Flow Rate Cold Tank Size / Usable Volume (Liter : Gallon)

Cup 1 45.7°F (7.6°C)

43.88°F (6.6°C)
18, 5 oz (147ml) < 50oF (10°C) +/- 10 Cut-in: 50F (10° C) Cut-Out: 45oF (7°C) 1.073 oz/sec (30.42 ml/sec)
3.8 / 2.8 : 1 / 0.74

Net Weight : Gross Weight (Lbs) Cooler Dimensions / Boxed Dimensions WxDxH (inch) Container Load (20’) : (40’) Container Load (40’ HC) : (45’ HC) Max Distance from Drip Try to Faucet (Adjustable) (Inch : mm) Faucet / Dispense Height (Inch : mm)

37.48 : 43.4
17.04 x 14.09 x 43.5 / 17.52 x 14.76 x 45.67 160 : 334
334 : 372
8.75 : 222.25
37.5 : 952.5

Width (Inch : mm) Depth (Inch : mm) Inside Top to Bottom (Inch : mm)

12 : 304.79
11 : 279.4 21.75 : 323.85

Certifications and Listings

Energy Star UL

Filter Compartment Dimensions

195.26°F (90.7°C ) 121, 6 oz (178ml) >165°F (74°C) +/-10%

Cut-in: 72.4oF (78°C) Cut-out: 190.4oF (88°C) 0.49 oz/sec (13.92 ml/sec)
Internal Heating Element

Cup 2 45.14°F (7.3°C) 42.44°F (5.8°C)


Please be advised price is for boxed delivery only, for the mains water supply model you will need to arrange and connect your own cold water feed. For bottled eater version you will need to source a supplier of the water bottles.

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