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Serrano Lavado, Cumanayagua - Washed Arabica Roasted Coffee (1kg)

Serrano Lavado, Cumanayagua - Washed Arabica Roasted Coffee (1kg)

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Something a bit special, this coffee from Cuba is a delight when roasted just past first crack giving a very light and mellow coffee, slightly floral with a sweet finish.

The first coffee plantation appeared in Cuba in 1748. But the bigger cultivation started in 1789 by tousands of French coffee farmers that had to escape from the armed slave revolt in Haiti. These farmers established wide knowledge about farming and processing in matter of coffee.

The French coffee farmers grew coffee in Sierra Maestra. The climatic condition and the soil composition were ideal for coffee plantation and allowed and intensive development for coffee farming. The famous Altura quaility grows in the Sierra Maestra region and is named in the honour of the highest mountain peak of  Cuba. Cuba Coffee beans offer great taste and value

The Turquino grows in comparison to the other Caribbean coffees relatively low and gets through it a clean cup profile. The wet process leads to a coffee with a rich soft aroma and remind a little honey note . The Cuban coffee is also appreciated for his cultural and symbolic origin.

  • Botanic Variety: Typica
  • Growing Altitude: 1000m-2000m
  • Moisture: 12 to 12.5 percent
  • Screen: 17 (95 percent)
  • Flowering Period: December to May
  • Crop Period: July-February

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