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Ethiopian Kaffa Forest Arabica Washed Green Coffee Beans Rainforest Alliance Certified (1kg)

Ethiopian Kaffa Forest Arabica Washed Green Coffee Beans Rainforest Alliance Certified (1kg)

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Indigenous communities residing in the Bonga region (known as the Kaffa people) have been utilizing wild coffee for centuries, and the art of preparing coffee is a central element of their culture. Experience in the Kaffa region has shown that increasing coffee prices are giving farmers stronger incentives to manage wild coffee forests more intensively. A Full City roast reveals nice floral and caramel-like flavours along with crisp acidity.

Washed with Fermentation: Once harvested, the coffee cherries go straight to the mill to be sorted and processed through a series of steps. First, they’re submerged in water allowing the unripe cherries to float to the top and be removed. All ripe cherries move on to the depulping stage, removing their skin and the pulpy layer beneath it. Then, to soften and remove the remaining sticky mucilage, the resulting beans are placed in fermentation tanks and soaked for periods of 24-36 hours. The final steps consist of drying the beans, either mechanically or by sun drying. Once done, they are sorted, graded and bagged.

Grown at 1700m this Arabica coffee from Ethiopia is a Grade 2 coffee and Rainforest Alliance Certified.

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