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El Salvador Cerro Las Ranas San Francisco Microlot Pulped Natural Arabica Green Coffee Beans (1kg)

El Salvador Cerro Las Ranas San Francisco Microlot Pulped Natural Arabica Green Coffee Beans (1kg)

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San Francisco is not only one of the more significant estates belonging to the JASAL group, but also a national forest reserve donated to National Forest Association of El Salvador. The farm belongs to Jose Antonio Salaverria. The JASAL group of farms are situated amongst the Apaneca Ilamatepec mountain range, part of the Cordelliera de Apeneca. This volcanic range runs through the Ahuachapán, Santa Ana, and Sonsonate departments in the west of El Salvador, and is where many of the Cup of Excellence producing farms are located.

The farm itself is part of a national forest reserve which, at its highest point has a lagoon that is home to thousands of frogs, which, at certain times of the year are to be found across the farm. So ubiquitous are these that the symbol for the Jasal group has become a frog, and the coffee name, ‘Ranas’, translates to English as frog, whilst ‘Cerro’ means mountain or hill.

Coffees are milled at the groups Benficio Las Cruces, located in nearby Santa Ana. Despite being a historic processing centre with over 100 years behind it, it has been regularly updated to and is currently renovated to contain wet and dry processing facilities, along with eco-friendly equipment, raised African beds, patios and mechanical driers. For the semi washed coffees from this farm cherries are depulped and moved to the drying tables via water channels. This tends to be because a slightly larger volume is depulped at one time, as in this instance, an entire plot on the farm. The brief contact with water slightly reduces the percentage of mucilage on the bean and therefore affects the final flavour in the cup. This differs from the honey process for the farm in that honey process has no contact with water and is therefore processed in much smaller lots.

This coffee also contains the varietal referred to as HSF, an abbreviation for Hibrido de San Francisco, giving away the fact that this farm lent its name to the Bourbon x Pacas cross here discovered. Cup quality is very similar to Bourbon, but it has a slightly higher productivity and shows greater tolerance to rust, though is not completely resistant.

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