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Puly Caff Brew Tabs (120 tablets) for Filter Coffee Machines

Puly Caff Brew Tabs (120 tablets) for Filter Coffee Machines

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Cleaning tablets for your filter coffee machine, coffee brewers and servers detergent tablets for daily cleaning.


Filter coffee brewer cleaning tablets, just pop a tablet in your filter coffee machines filter basket and brew a jug of water - the cleaner will dissolve and clean the oils from both your filter basket and the coffee jug. Rinse well after using the cleaning tablets.

Coffee brewers and servers detergent tablets - daily cleaning

  • Place 1 tablet into the brew basket, every 2 litres of water capacity.
  • Start the brew cycle into serve and wait
  • Remove any residue and eliminate solution
  • Rinse everything with clean water

Safety: Keep out of reach of children. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water. If Swallowed , seek a doctor showing the present container. The substances used are not dangerous in accordance with the relevant regulations for nature and quantity of substances. The compound is in accordance with the regulations pertient to biodegradability of cleaners.

Cleaning tablets for your filter coffee machine, coffee brewers and servers detergent tablets for daily cleaning.

FEATURES: Puly Caff BREW TABS was specifically designed in our Special Applications Research Centre, to daily service the brewing unit (filter, portafilter basket) and the washout valve of espresso coffee machines and American coffee machines, and at the same time in just one function the carafe, thermos or servers. Deodorizes and cleans all the parts that get in contact with coffee, tea or coloured infusion by destroying completely any organic residue, without increasing the extraction of toxic metals from common materials of fabrication in espresso machines when used and rinsed according to the manufacturer's instructions. It is unique for rinsing cups, tea pots, glasses or servers valves, etc., it cleans and eliminates all traces of coffee from crockery without affecting decorations in any way. The formulation is registered, tested and certified by NSF International protocol P152.


a) insert in the filter basket one tab every 2 lts. of capacity of the container without using paper filter; b) turn on the cycle and let run water thoroughly into the carafe and let it work;
c) discard the solution and remove any residue;
d) rinse the filter basket and the container with running water.

FREQUENCY OF USE: PULY CAFF BREW TABS is generally used every day as far as unit maintenance is concerned to keep the crockery clean and bright. We advise preventive measures to protect the equipment from irreversible damage and to get the best extraction of your blend of coffee, tea or infuse. Remember that a dirty brewing unit does not get the complete extraction of the blend of your coffee, tea or infuse.

SELF CHECK: Inspect the result. Check that it smells right. If necessary, repeat the washing operation.

CRITICAL POINTS: Check that the filter and filter basket are upright, and if necessary replace with new spare parts. Check that the dump is not clogged so that the PULY CAFF BREW TABS reaction can flow out freely.

DATA AND SAFETY: See the SAFETY SHEET. During washing, be careful of splashes of boiling water; use protective garments (gloves etc.).


PDF files to downloadPuly Brew Tabs Coshh Statement


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