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Descaling tablets for bean to cup machines (24)

Descaling tablets for bean to cup machines (24)

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Bean to cup machine descaling tablets, tablets to descale your bean to cup machines boiler. Dissolve a tablet in your bean to cup machines cold water tank and then run through the machine using it's descaling cycle. Always follow the manufacturers instructions to descale your coffee machine.

For automatic coffee & espresso machines.
36mm dia x 11mm x 17.5g

Descaling tablets or powder should not be used in machines with an Aluminium boiler, the scale removing agents are far too harsh and will most likely eat into the aluminium of the boiler. If in doubt check with your equipments supplier / manufacturer to find out what the boiler is manufacturered from. When you descale your bean to cup coffee machine always rinse the water tank thoroughly after descaling and rinse the machine before using it again to make drinks. If you are unsure if all the descale agent has been remove, dispense some hot water from the machine and add a little milk to it, if the milk curdles then descale agent is still present in the water and you should rinse the machine again.
Descaling Tablets COSSH statement

Descaling tablets for hand filled bean to cup machines, espresso machines or filter coffee machines. Espresso care descaling tablets. Use two tablets per descale cycle following the manufacturers directions. Specially formulated to eliminate limescale

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