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Decaffeinated on cup ground coffee filters (120)

Decaffeinated on cup ground coffee filters (120)

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Fresh ground decaffeinated coffee in a filter paper housed in a plastic bowl that sits on the top of your cup. Pour hot water into the bowl on top of your cup and allow it to filter through the coffee brewing a fresh cup of decaffeinated coffee.

Probably one of the simplest ways to serve filter grade decaffeinated coffee without having to brew a jug of decaffeinated filter coffee for it then to go stale. Fresh every cup, the one cup filters are just that, a single serve plastic filter that sits on top of the cup, integrating into the base decaffeinated ground coffee sandwiched between two sheets of filter paper. Pour off the boil water into the one cup filter and allow it to percolate through into the cup. Even better you can serve the cup and filter to your customer and let them watch it percolate - now there's fresh coffee!

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