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Leasing is provided Subject to Status. Prices indicated are for example only, and may fluctuate at the lease providers discretion.Fill out our lease proposal form now.

Leasing has practical benefits too, plus commercial advantages that make it the best choice for most business situations :

  • Full use of equipment or vehicles without burden of ownership
  • No large cash payouts “up front”
  • Spreads the cost over the life of the asset
  • Equipment pays for itself out of earnings
  • Helps cash flow and increases profitability   
  • Easier budgeting – fixed regular payments aid financial control
  • Investment opportunities can be taken as they arise – saves time in raising capital, quicker reaction to market openings
  • Conserves capital and credit lines for other needs
  • Tax efficient – lease rentals are fully tax deductible
Latest, more productive assets can be obtained – most leasing deals allow regular upgrades of equipment during lease periods

Our leasing is arranged by Bathgate Leasing, a major equipment lease finance company who arrange leases for a major range of equipment. You could arrange for Bathgate to finance other equipment you require as well. All our leasing is lease purchase, so you can spread the payments but still own the equipment at the end of the lease. To obtain an accurate lease rate or arrange finance please request a proposal form to complete.
Please Note the following points:- On all proposals bank details are required. For sole traders and partners the home addresses are required. All rates quoted are Subject to Status
All payments are subject to VAT. Shorter term and / or larger deposit will improve the likelihood of acceptance. The initial rental (advance) is collected when the documents are signed, the remaining rentals will be paid by Direct Debit commencing one month after delivery.At the end of the lease - an additional months rental can be paid to pass the ownership of the equipment onto yourselves.
Pennine accepts no responsibility for changes in Lease rates affected by the leasing company, the figures given above are for guidance only and may differ on the final lease contract.
Benefits of Leasing

  • You can have new equipment that looks good, works well and runs efficiently.
  • You can have the equipment you really need and not just what you can afford.
  • You can have the equipment now with only a small initial outlay and earn profit straight away.
  • You pay the balance in fixed monthly instalments, which are spread over the agreed term of the lease.
  • You can usually claim tax back as all payments can be allowed against tax.
  • You can have all this arranged quickly and easily without any hidden costs.

*Availability of finance is subject to status.
How to calculate lease repayments
As an example, a customer who has been in business for 2 years requires equipment worth £2500 + VAT, and wishes to pay for it over a 2 year term.
Firstly, we divide the equipment value by 1000. (£2,500 divided by 1000 equals 2.5) then multiply this figure by the rate per thousand (see overleaf), which in this case will be £53.50. Therefore 2.5 x 53.50 equals £133.75. This gives a monthly repayment of £133.75 + VAT.
(Monthly payments fall due one month after the lease has commenced) For a Payment pattern of 3 + 21 + 1 (this will vary through the different leasing companies.
Advanced Rental (equivalent to 3 x £133.75) of £401.25 + VAT (There may be a document fee) Followed by 21 payments of £133.75 + VAT. Final Payment of £133.75 + VAT.
Tax Benefits
Lease payments may be subject to Tax Relief (Typically at 23%) If so, we can calculate this by multiplying the total amount payable, nett of VAT, by 0.23.
In the above example, the customer pays back £3353.75 nett of VAT Multiply this by the Tax Relief figure eg 0.23 £771.36 Thus the lease would cost the customer in total - £2582.39 nett of VAT.
You can see in this example that the true cost of financing £2,500 worth of equipment over 2 years is therefore only £82.39. Leasing is a COST EFFECTIVE way of acquiring equipment.

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