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With the high profile media attention that a 3 group espresso machine received after it exploded in a Sainsbury's cafe on September 14 2010, injuring several staff and customers - it is a timely remainder that servicing of these pressure vessels should be conducted at a minimum on a yearly basis. While we may never have the actual cause of the particular fault in this case - which had such drastic consequences - it is worth remembering that in the forty or so years espresso coffee machines have been in use in the UK - this is the first documented case of one exploding.

We can however summise the causes, and the main issue we see time and time again is the consequences of limescale building up in the boiler of an espresso machine - blocked valves, elements that overheat then burn out - many espresso machine owners seem to think that because they have a limescale filter fitted with the machine - then that is the limescale dealt with. This could not be further from the truth, any inline limescale water filter will only treat a certain number of litres of water - and this amount diminishes as the water hardness increases - for some outlets with heavy water throughput and very hard water a filter may only last six months or less. If you do not have a water meter to show the amount of water that has passed through the filter, then the simplest way to see if your filter needs changing is by testing the hot water from your espresso machines boiler with a water hardness test strip (after the water has cooled) - if the water in your espresso machines boiler is shown to be hard then your filter is no longer doing it's job and need to be changed. Buy a new mains connected water filter now .

Should you require an engineer to attend your espresso machine, then you should remember they will only do the work you ask them to - so make sure you are specific about what you want checking / replacing at the time - remember a large amount of the cost is call out so getting as much work done at once will save money in the long term. Many insurance companies require a boiler check now on espresso machines - this is an internal check normally done by the engineer removing the element to look inside the boiler for evidence of scale build up - or damage to the inside wall of the boiler. Also many councils require a yearly pressure safety check is done - where the engineer forces the machine to exceed it's normal boiler pressure causing the safety valve to give way and release the excess pressure - proving the safety valve is working correctly. Neither of these will be done without request - so if you are due for these checks make sure you ask for them.

Espresso Machine Engineer Service Contacts
Espresso Service Nationwide espresso machine servicing.
Fracino espresso machines Equipment manufacturer also with nationwide service engineers for repairs.

Lakes Coffee Services Espresso machine servicing throughout the Lake District.
Independant espresso machine engineer covering Manchester upto Cumbria.
Independant Espresso Machine Engineeers.
Independant espresso machine engineer covering Derby and surrounding area.

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