Fairtrade Colombian Roasted Coffee (1kg)

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Fairtrade Colombian Roasted Coffee Beans. Fairtrade guarantees a better deal for producers. The Fairtrade Mark was Introduced to ensure a better deal for growers and small scale producers in developing countries.

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Co-operatives de Caficultores de Aguadas is a Colombian co-operative that exclusively organises small growers, founded in 1966 to help growers collectively market their coffee. Aguadas joined Fairtrade in 1996 to ensure Stability of volume and export price and to use the social premium for social projects, development of organic agriculture and diversification. Aguadas has a coherent development policy that now goes far beyond coffee, but remains committed to co-operative ideals. The co-op is made up of 1125 members, in 29 communities, producing 3613 tonne of coffee.

The presence of Aguadas has seen these communities benfit from:-

  • Work competences for coffee production, a training program that serves 25 young people (the farmers children) for the future benefit of the community in terms of Jobs, creating bonds with educational insitutions and the quality of coffee farmer knowledge.
  • Funeral insurance for coffe growers and their families
  • Maintenance of roads necessary for communication
  • Free health service days
  • Program computer courses for those associated with the co-operative
  • Farmers entitled to 50% discount on medical and orthdontic assistance
  • Farmers provided a basic package of animals and seeds for them to produce food to be consumed on a daily basis and to sell the remainder
  • Every year 30 adult growers get the chance to get a primary school education in literacy programs

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